Languages those produces the most literary work in the world usually followed by other cultures, nations or different learning methodologies. And every piece of information seems important to achieve the goal. But how to reach the destined people, group, nation or culture with the excellence works being published either with the form of electronic or with the form of print media?

So, to achieve the goal different tactics are being followed. And, to have the target messaging, different mediums are used – it starts from marketing, advertising, reports, website contents etc. but the effort is totally a failure if the targeted people are not able to comprehend what our message is. So, it is best communicated the people through their native languages. And, to have the message in their native language the role of translation is essential.

Translation of different literary works, science books, medical material, legal contents, religion etc. coming from different cultures helps every Indian to know each other. It serves their purposes in different fields. It unites them in:

Cultural aspect
Social aspect
Economic aspect
Spiritual aspect
Educational aspect
Health care aspect and the list goes on…

Let’s briefly analyze how it unites them in different aspects above:-

Cultural aspect: When a region or a state see or follow the culture of any another state or region, then it shouldn’t hesitate to follow it. Because, culture has flexibility; it changes time to time. People living in a particular time-frame may not see the culture that their ancestors followed fit for them. Or, they may follow others retaining their own culture.

Social aspect: Social aspect is mainly depends upon the effect of society in our present scenario. It includes all the general day-to-day social activities which help each and every individual to see, learn and follow the moral and ethical subjects.

Economic aspect: The most followed aspect is economic aspect. People find it profitable for their nation or region when they follow the economic policies followed by their counterparts. It is mainly seen in country level. While following economic policies they make agreements for economic prosperity. And if no economic policy is translated how can they proceed in signing on agreements. When a representative of Japan comes to India, he comes to know the policies, in case he doesn’t know English, he is explained/translated all the details.

Spiritual aspect: ISKON perhaps the best example of embracing other religion with the help of translation. There are numbers of ISKON devotees in foreign countries and their faith comes only after the ISKON materials translated into English. It wouldn’t have possible to add even a single western devotee if the materials were not translated into their respective languages.

Educational aspect: Educational aspect is one of the most important aspects to be followed by every nation of the world. There is hardly any nation that didn’t follow the education pattern of other countries, either it is fully or partially. There are many educational institutes that have been following the NASA educational pattern. India, as a nation is following the space discovery program of the USA. The list of following educational pattern is long, perhaps unending.

Health care aspect: It is perhaps the most important aspect in civilized society. Every nation of the world procuring the knowledge of formation of a medicine or they import it from other countries. Since health care is a question of life and death, no nation is exempted to adopt the system both in government and private sectors. The impact of using medicine in the world market is wide-spread. Most importantly, nowadays industries seeking professionals for medical transcription is a major sign of the wide spread of the medical translation/transcription in the world.

Apart from this, considering the lack of knowledge of English, found mainly in major people groups in rural areas, translating foreign or English materials into native languages seem to be an indispensible part.

This includes mainly primary education and primary health care. As said above, India is introducing education system and primary education system borrowing from foreign countries, translation is an indispensable part of it. Even if an education pattern is introduced in central pattern, it doesn’t directly in script in all the native languages of India. It sends to the respective States and the State Govt. entrusts the translation part to some firms. It is applicable in medical field too.

Another major part, where translation is indispensible is – the vast use of technology both in rural and urban areas. This includes cell phones, TVs etc. Since majority of people using these devices lack knowledge of English, translation takes an important part in the aspect. As the market competition is growing enormously, private firms that deal with the devices want to attract public to their products. So, everyone wants his products translated. The best example of this is cell phones.

Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd, in this juncture plays an important role providing translation in every field, starting from IT to Legal, Document, Medical etc. It also serves people with transcription, transliteration, subtitling etc.

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