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We at SomyaTrans employ only the best Bengali translators the world has to offer. They are methodically selected during our selection process so that only professionals having the best qualification, industry experience and subject matter expert handle your Bengali translations. We only work with trustworthy and knowledgeable translators who constantly display higher performance and quality results. We ensure that the Bengali translators selected for your project have the proper expertise required to provide you with a quality, culturally sensitive translation in any pitch.

In this whole world, every language has its own importance, as well as they have all their different priorities and respects. Any language is always important to communicate with each other. Like that, Bengali Language is also very famous and sweet language in all over the world. Bengali is an eastern Indo-Aryan language which is mainly use to speak in the state of West Bengal in East India. It is also spoken in some parts of Tripura, and other northeast Indian states. Bengali is the 2nd most spoken language in India and 6th or 7th spoken language in all over the world. Among various famous languages indeed Bengali is spoken by 10% of people in all over the world.

In Bengali language there are total 12 vowels and 40 consonants. Moreover, there are 10 short forms of vowels and 7 short forms of consonants called vowel modifiers (i.e. Kar in Bengali) and consonant modifiers (i.e. Fala in Bengali) respectively. Besides all these there are about 253 compound characters composed of 2, 3 or 4 consonants. Out of which 20 compound characters composed of 2 consonants, 51 compound characters composed of 3 consonants and 2 compound characters composed of 4 consonants.

বাংলা বর্ণমালা  “Bengali Alphabets”

Bengali alphabet

বাংলা স্বরবর্ণ  “Bengali Vowels”


বাংলা ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ “Bengali Consonants”

“Importance Of Bengali Language In Business Perspectives”

Bengali language is widely used in schools, colleges and offices in Kolkata (West Bengal), one of the famous economic centers of Eastern India.

The knowledge of Bengali language can help to increase the market productivity to share or execute business deals effectively. Kolkata is a center or major hub for industries like engineering, banking, IT, leather, shipping, Jute, etc. So everyone is required best quality in Bengali translation in almost every industry. Several companies are opening their offices or launching their products in eastern India. To capture the rural market and their attention they are taking help of English to Bengali translations.

In fact, Bengali literature is indeed very rich. There are so many famous Bengali writers are available and known for their famous novels, poems, dramas and short stories all over the world. So there is always a constant demand of Bengali literature translation. Bengali poet “Rabindranath Tagore” was the first Indian who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. His poems were translated from Bengali into many languages and enlightened to whole world.

Every language expert must have some domain knowledge about the subject and the content so that they able to understand it and translate. Translation process doesn’t mean or include word to word based conversation. It is very important to know and understand the meaning of the concerned text. Especially in literature translation, the understanding of inner meaning of poems or novels plays a vital role without understanding the literature one can’t translate the text appropriately and accurately. This is what the reason every translation companies only prefer native translators to translate the content.