eLearning Translation Services

eLearning Translation Services

Along with every other industry, the education industry also needs translation services to expand globally. Education Industry is flourishing day by day, with the help of Globalization. In order to connect to local teachers and learners, educational institutions need to connect in their native language. eLearning translation is not only required academically, in the professional sector employees also need to go for some training to upgrade their skills. In this case, training manuals are provided in national and international languages.

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Why Should You Invest in eLearning Translation Services?


To increase global reach organisations, need to communicate with global audiences in a common language like English or their native language. Translation service provider works as a bridge. Multilingual training manuals help to upgrade the skills of employees globally. Investment in Multilingual training manuals gives long-term returns. Translation services are helping to teach students of remote villages, since education is the foundation of any nation eLearning translation services are helping in the development of nations.

Reason to opt for us:

  • Manual eLearning Translation Service: Human translation is better than the translation done by using AI and algorithms. It ensures to keep the essence of the message is intact. We provide both human and machine translation services to our global clients.
  • Quality Assurance: Our team of professional translators provides their services accurately and on time. Projects are delivered after double quality checks which ensures the quality of the work.

Why work with us?

Choosing Our eLearning Translation
Services can be the best fit for you:

Team of Professionals

Our team members are hired after going through a proper process and a quality check of their knowledge, skill, and control of language.

Serving Global Clients

Our linguists know more than 170 languages, thus we are serving Global clients with different languages for more than a decade now.

Budget-Friendly Prices

We understand that eLearning translation services can be expensive depending upon the language, but we at Somya Translators try to keep our prices nominal.

Available 24x7

Our team works in shifts to deliver your projects on time and to handle any queries related to quotations or projects.

How Can Our eLearning Translation Services Benefit You?

Our team of linguists not only just translates the content from one language to the desired language, but they do the translation by keeping in mind the target audience and cultural values of them. Our translator ensures to provide a translated copy without harming the essence of the document and focuses on maintaining the format, graphics, and any other attachment.

Better ROI

We work with the main motive of customer satisfaction. Our team provides you with the best work at the price you will be paying.

Boost Sales

eLearning translation increases the reach of business and results in an increase in sales and revenue eventually.

eLearning Translation Services We Offer

With the development and easy access to the internet, there is a lot of study material available online, but that too is available in different languages. Data can be available in different forms like video or written material. For easy understanding of the data, we offer eLearning translation of various types of documents. Following are some of those:

  • eLearning Website Translation
  • Training Manual Translations
  • eLearning Content Translation
  • Classroom-Based Instructional Material Translations
  • Training Material Translations
  • eLearning Content Localization
  • Multimedia Presentations Translations
  • eLearning Audio Translation
  • eLearning Video Translation
  • eLearning Book Translation
  • eLearning Manual Translation
  • Research Studies Translations
  • CBT (Computer Based Training) Translations
  • PowerPoint Translations
  • XML-Based Training Translations

Above mentioned are the common type of translation we do, but there are many other types of documents available that can be translated very easily. We provide our services at the best price in the market and that is the reason that once our customers visit us, they come back to us only for any work.

Significance of Hiring Us For eLearning Translation:

eLearning translation is useful for translating the available content for people to understand and learn things. Translation of eLearning material thus contributes to improving the knowledge and skills of employees of any organization.

Confidentiality of the Data

Our professional team understands the importance and safety of your data and works to keep your data confidential and safe.

Native Translators on Board

We at Somya hire local translators for every language, which ensures the translator’s fluency in the language and error-free translations.

Translation as per the Context

While translating content our translators keep in mind the context of the material and translate accordingly.

Years of Experience in Several Industries

We have been serving various industries like Legal, Banking & Finance, and a lot more for a decade now.


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Why us

You Say It, We Do It...

We hire translators after a quality check of their knowledge and skills.

Our team works in various shifts covering the different time zones.

Translation services can be costly but we at Somya offer you services at nominal rates.

Our team is available 24×7 to provide you services and for the completion of the project.

With experienced employees, we assure you to provide the best service within your budget.

Other than eLearning Translation, we also provide many more services.

How do we get started?

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