Website Translation Services

In a market where there is cut-throat competition, it is essential to have your company stand out from the rest. An impressive website attracts prospective customers to your business. Keeping this in mind, we at Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. offer website translations that encompass different cultures and languages. Apart from translating the content provided by the client, we ensure that it is localized in a way that allows the target audience to better relate to it. Through comprehensive translation and proofreading, which results in a versatile and user-friendly website, your business is sure to boom.

There are many more online Website translation tools available globally which allows you to easily translate your website from one language to another language with just a click away. Translation tool provides the most convenient way to the online translation services: virtual keyboard for transliteration, spell-checker, dictionary, decoder, text-to-speech and vice-versa, back translation and others.

The online translation tools may give you good translation results. But, if you want to get quality translation then you should have to use the back translation feature. Or try to re-write the original text, sentence or to choose other words, and check if the back translation shows translation close to the original text.

The online translation tools may give you good translation results. But, the translations from these online tools are not always reliable. If you want to get quality translation with zero errors then you should hire a translation agency or language service provider (LSP). There are ways to check the translation of the online tools.

Translation is usually defined as the act of transmitting the language of the source text (S.T) into the target text (T.T) language taking into consideration cultural and linguistic differences. A human translator can understand the logic during translation a word or text into target language but it is very difficult for the Translation tools.

When you come to differentiate a native language translator vs. online translation; you will see online translation is not that perfect rendering of the source text into the target text.