Legal Translation Services

At Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd., we fully understand the importance and intricacies associated with legal documentation and legal translations. The entire message of the legal content can change if it is not meticulously translated. To help our clients achieve optimum satisfaction, our team includes proficient language experts with a solid legal background. Unlike general documents, legal translation requires a higher degree of attention and precision in order to produce accurate results. We handle all legal documents with the utmost precision in order to prevent the possibility error.

Somya Translators is one of the world renowned professional translation services providers our main motive is to provide error free Translation services either it relates to Legal Translation, Medical , IT, Aerospace Translation etc. We offer certified, notarized and sworn legal translation services for when you require a verified document translation in source to target language.

Our translators are well familiar with the technical terms from any field that is why they are able to convey the meaning in effective way for the target audience. We provide translation attached with original Documents and legal declaration is stamped and attached with original and translated document to verify their authenticity.

Certified Translations are those translations which needs to be verified officially. Our Expert panel assures that the quality and standard of services is maintained on every project. Our company also provides interpretation services, DTP and typesetting, proofreading to complement our translation services in any languages.

In addition, we use highly qualified native translators who translate exclusively into their own mother language, ensuring that the translations read like original documents with error free.

This careful attention to linguistic and legal detail has allowed us to develop strong long-term relationships with our existing and new clients and growing number of multinational corporations.