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Effective & Efficient: Professional Lao to English Translation

Lao also referred to as Laotian, is a language of the Kadai family of languages. Lao is the official language of Laos, which is spoken by 3 million people in Laos and North-Eastern areas of Thailand where it is known as the Isan language. It is also spoken in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Thailand, and USA. Standard Lao is based on the Vientiane dialect which is commonly understood throughout the country. Lao is a tonal language where the tone of the language is determined by the type of consonant, the type of syllable and the type of vowel.

At Somyatrans, we give importance to each and every aspect of language as each language is unique in its own way. If you are in search of Lao to English Translation Services and vice versa, we are here to offer Professional Lao Translation Services.

Our expert Lao translators adapt, revise and translate in various document types like PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, and HTML. Our talented linguists provide services, in all the private and public sectors like:

  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Marketing Firms
  • Financial
  • Various Multinational Corporations

With the help of our dedicated and talented linguists, we provide:

  • Lao Document translation services in your required styles and formats.
  • Lao Website Localization Services in field like school websites, company websites, product and services websites, etc.
  • Lao Interpretation Services in face to face meetings.
  • Lao Transcription Services.
  • Lao Subtitling Services.

Whatever might be your requirement, in whichever field, our expert translators and interpreters are here to make your task easier and hassle free. We provide services at a fair cost.

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