Khmer Translation Services

Professional and Reliable Khmer Translation Services

About Khmer Language:

  • Khmer language also known as the Cambodian belongs to the Mon-Khmer family of languages.

  • It is the official language of Cambodia and also spoken by millions of people in Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Khmer is influenced by Sanskrit and Pali. However, the colloquial dialects were influenced by Thai, Lao, Vietnamese and Cham.

  • Modern Khmer has two forms, “oblique, script” used for handwriting and printed texts and “round script,” used for headings, titles and some religious texts.

  • It begins at the top left of the page and proceeds down and to the right. There are no spaces between individual words, but are used to denote the end of sentences.

At Somyatrans, we give importance to each and every aspect of language.  If you need any guide or help in translation in exotic languages such as Khmer, we are here to offer Professional Khmer language services. We have already servedlots of clients and have been successful  in building trustworthy relationship. We thus offer you our new Khmer Translation Services with a team of dedicated and experienced and well versed Khmer translators. We offer:

  • English to Khmer Translation Services.


  • Khmer to English Translation Services.


Our expert Khmer translators adapt, revise and translate in various documents types like PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, and HTML. Our talented linguists provide services, in all the required fields like:

  • If you want translation with Cambodian clients for expanding your business, our Khmer translator will play the role of translators and interpreters to help in communication which will lead to successful business dealings.

  • If you are in need of legal translation, our dedicated team of legal translators skilled in Khmer legal terminologies will help you with documents for acquisition and merger agreements, marriage and death certificates, etc.

  • Require Khmer translators in medical field? We provide various services in enterprises like pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, healthcare management documents, etc.

Whatever might be your requirement, in whichever field, our expert translators and interpreters are here to make your task easier and hassle free. We provide services at a fair cost.


Feel free to contact us with even a minor problem in Khmer language.