Condition of Business and Trade in the state:

With hardly 5% of the nation’s population and 6% land mass of the country, still the state has managed to contribute 7.6% of the nation’s GDP and 22% of the exports. The average growth rate of the state was 5.1% between 1980 and 2013. If we consider Gujarat as a country with a 10m+ population it would have been the third-fastest growing country of the nation after China and South Korea. One of the major reasons for the better growth of the state is its 1600 km of coastline, which provides the double advantage of greater global access and lower transportation costs.

Agriculture in the State: Even with poor rainfall unlike the states of Haryana and Punjab, the state’s agricultural transformation came from the market route. Gujrat is the largest producer of major cash crops like cotton, oilseeds, wheat, maize, jowar, gram etc. The large scale of fish exports, along with growth in Horticulture and agricultural productivity, helped the state to grow.

Telecommunication and IT:

State Government has always focused on the growth and development of new and emerging technology areas. The state ranks first in the country to have e-Government functional in all the Municipal Corporations and Municipalities.

Crude Oil and Petroleum:

Gujarat is known to be the petroleum capital of the country because of the presence of the number of private and public refineries in the state.


Gujarat is the world’s largest producer of processed diamonds in the world. By contributing 72% of the world’s share and 80% of the nation’s diamond export.

With so many industries and sectors developing in the state, trade of state within the country and with foreign countries is rising.

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Why Does Gujarati Translation matter?

While doing trade with local Gujarati people one will need to communicate with them in their regional or native language which is Gujarati. Talking to someone in their regional language helps to create a friendly bond with them and connect to them in a better way. Gujarati people are famous for their business practices not only in the country but also in foreign lands. Language solution providers help companies to widen their reach, maximize impact, and generate more potential revenues.

Gujarat is a state with so many locations and sites to explore like Rann of Kutch, Dwarka and Somnath, Adalaj, Lothal, and many more. People can visit and get to see the magnificent views of these beautiful places and do shopping at local markets. For communicating with the locals, one requires a reliable translation company for Gujrati language translation so that people can exchange thoughts and communicate with them.

Challenges while doing translation for the language:

Gujarati is a regional language, and although it is listed in the list of official languages of India, still, the language is not that prominent across the country. The language is mainly used in the Gujarat state of the country, the union territory of Daman and Diu and Dadar and Nagar Haveli, and some parts of Pakistan majorly in Karachi province. The number of people knowing the language and being proficient in other languages is too less. Because of this, it is difficult to find a good Gujarati translator for your projects. We at Somya Translators provide you professional and error-free Gujarati translation services by our in-house experienced translators without you worrying about the quality. More challenges one can face while doing Gujarati translation are-

Misinterpretation of the message- While doing translation sometimes, the essence of the message might get disturbed as different languages have different tones. Also keeping the context in mind is very important while doing a translation. One single word might have different meanings but while translating one has to see the context of the word.

Overpriced costs of translation- Since Gujarati is used in a very limited region of the country and the number of people speaking the language is also very less. That’s why translation from Gujarati to another language and vice-versa can be expensive depending upon the complexity of the content.

Need for translation service:

There are so many reasons that generate the requirement for Gujarati translation some of which are:

☛ For facilitating trade
☛ For improvement in healthcare facilities
☛ For improvement in education facilities
☛ For increasing Tourism

There are a lot more industries where Gujarati translation is used and is helpful for the growth of organizations and people.


Gujarat is a state very rich in archaeological sites, natural resources, and handicrafts. Gujarati language translation helps non-speakers of the language to communicate with native language speakers. It helps people to grow their business outside the language circle. Translation service helps people to exchange ideas and cultural values too. There are so many other types of translation services that we offer like Assamese translation, accurate Gaming Translation Need, and a lot more.

You can hire Somya Translators for error-free and professional translation services. Where we offer Gujarati translation services by professional and native translators who have knowledge of the language assuring quality work at affordable rates. For more information, contact us on +91-9990094796 and get a quick quotation.

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