About the Gaming Industry

In 2019, the gaming industry was worth $151.55 billion and is forecasted to grow at a rate of 9.17% from 2020 to 2025 and become an industry worth $256.97 billion. China stands 1st in the Gaming industry with a revenue generation of 40.8 billion dollars at the end of the year followed by the US with 36.92 billion dollars. More than 2.5 billion people are playing different types of games worldwide. Simultaneously they have an audience of 456 million people. With this growth rate, the gaming industry is growing bigger than Hollywood.

What is Gaming Translation?

Gaming translation is the process of localizing the game by translating the language into the native language of players. Gaming translation in multiple languages has increased the audience size worldwide. Gaming translation in the native language makes a comfort zone for players and increases their interest and play time of games. Gaming translation not only requires sole translation of language but also needs translators to coordinate with coders, and designers so that they can amalgamate the translated content into the game. Gaming translation is responsible to create a native experience for each audience, so they feel like the game is designed specifically for them.

Need for Gaming Translation

Just like any other industry in the world, the Gaming Industry has also been impacted by Globalization. Gaming Translation has increased potential customers globally.

Overall, the biggest benefit of translating games is that you can push it on a global scale and reach multinational and multilingual audiences.

Challenges While doing Gaming Translation

1- The Pressure of Accurate Translation

Well, gamers are very serious about their games, and any mistranslation can result in negative feedback from them. Which will eventually affect the game value in the longer run. So, the Gaming Translators are responsible for accurate translation.

2- Gaming Translation is much more than merely a Language Translation

Unlike the language translation, doing gaming translation, the translator has to stay in touch with Graphic Designers and Coders, making sure that the translation is fit to be amalgamated into their designed game.

3- Translator must have some Technical Gaming experience

While in the case of Gaming Translation, a translator must have good knowledge of gaming, being just a good translator will not be enough.

4- Gaming Translation in Different Languages

Every language is different and unique. While the process of gaming translation is the same, translator face different types challenges. Just like we face Challenges in Spanish Translation .

5- Translating Graphics and design is challenging

Translating gaming content is comparatively difficult as it contains text within the images. Overall gaming content needs a pre-planned design, so the text can be changed easily or updated after translation.

Contribution of Translation Services to the Gaming Industry

1- Increasing Market size-

When games are available in native languages, they attract more players and audiences. As a result, gaming translation increases the number of players globally.

2- Make Game Player an important factor

Availability of games in the native language boosts users’ satisfaction, creates belief, and increases interest in games. Gamers feel more attached and attracted to games when these are available in their native languages.

3- Increase in User Engagement

When the game is available in one’s native language, a player feels more connected to the game, which increases the play time of the user.

4- Increase in Sales

When more people connect to a game, it automatically leads to more downloads, and playtime. This leads to revenue generation.

Requirement of Best Gaming Translation

☛ Hire a Real Gaming Translator

A Gaming world is full of slang, where gamers use it to communicate with each other, without proper knowledge of which, one might not be able to keep the message intact while translating. For a proper translation of the game, it is important that the translator have good knowledge of gaming.

☛ Testing On-device

While translating, sometimes the translation shifts out of context, that is why it is important to check on-device which ensures the context while translating.


The gaming industry is one of the booming industries in the world. With a market worth of $151.55 billion in 2019 and expected to be $256.97 billion by 2025. One of the major contributors behind the expansion of the industry is translation, as we know games are designed across the globe in so many different languages, however, gaming translation services help gamers to play games and experience them in their own language.

There are several challenges faced while translating for the native or target languages, but the results it provides by extending the reach to the target users are worth the trouble. There are so many accurate technical translation services company that provides such translation services. For gaming translation, the translator needs to have prior experience of the gaming world as the language contains so much slang which are or might not be understandable by a non-gamer.

For professional and error-free translation services, one can hire Somya Translations, where we provide gaming translation services by professional translators who have gaming knowledge assuring quality work at affordable rates. For more information, contact us on +91-9990094796 and get a free quotation.

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