The present situation of the language-

German has been derived from the Indo-European language family mostly used in Central Europe. It is the official and co-official language of countries like Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and many more. Language is the most commonly spoken native language of the European Union.

Contribution of German Translation towards the growth of the Business-

German is the most common language used in the European continent. India stands 10th on the list of trading partners with the European countries. Also, trade between India and the European countries has increased by 30% in the last decade.

With the increase in demand for trade between the countries, we can see the gap in communication as people cannot understand each other’s language. Here the cost-effective translation services come into the picture, by helping people to communicate with each other which eventually results in them closing deals for their business.

The situation of Global Trade in Europe-

As per reports of European Commission, Europe is the largest exporter of services and manufactured goods. With the increase in production and demand by fellow countries, the export has also been increased recently. In 2021 countries have started exporting Pharma products, Machinery equipment, chemical products, and many more.

How Does Translation Help in Global Trade?

Most of the small-scale business owners, only have knowledge of the local language which is German in most of the European countries. For the locals to connect with people speaking a foreign language is difficult and near to impossible to exchange messages with each other. Translation services help people speaking two different languages to communicate with each other.

People across the world speak so many different languages that it is not possible for everyone to learn every language spoken or have knowledge of every language. However, because of globalization, people are using and demanding goods and services from different countries.

Contribution of translation to the growth of the Economy-

Translation services from one language to another result in people exchanging their ideas and signing and closing the Business deals. Translation helps them to understand the need of customers and explain how their product will be a perfect fit, resulting in an increase in the Imports and Exports of the countries, which eventually results in the growth of the Economy.

Contribution of professional translations services-

1. Better communication with the audience- Translation of message from one to another language by professionals ensures no communication gap between the speaker and listener.

2. Increase the reach of Business- Translation of message results in better reach of the business to the targeted audience.

3. Creating Goodwill of Business- For communicating, just using a synonym from the original language is not enough. A professional translator will know how to put a better word into the translation. A proper translation ensures a better understanding of the message by the customer and creates a positive image of the business.

Contribution of German Translation to other Industries-

Other than the conventional businesses, there are some new industries that are flourishing as new businesses which are Healthcare, education, and tourism industry. These industries have become a major part of the Economy.

☛ Healthcare Industry- Be it Pharma companies or Hospitals, these have been contributing a lot to the economy by treating patients and by providing and inventing new medications. European countries are developed and advanced with the latest technologies to treat various diseases, which attracts people from all over the world.

The barrier of the language creates a communication gap between them. German translation from any language be it Global or regional. Helps them to understand and communicate with each other.

☛ Education Industry- Most of the countries of the European continent are developed and have good Universities and institutes offering a quality of education to the students. Students from all over the world come to these countries to study and contribute in the economy by staying there.

☛ Tourism Industry- Tourism has become a fast-growing industry and contributes to the Global Trade and Economy. Europe has a variety of countries having beautiful locations people want to explore. People from all over the world visit the country and contribute to the economy by spending on travel, stay, food, and shopping from local stores.


German is a language, majorly spoken in central Europe and many other countries. Language has around 130 million speakers and is the official language for 6 countries. Accurate german translation services help people who know and speak only the German language to connect with people who are non-speaker of the language. It helps them to understand each other’s requirements and let others explain the benefits of their services and goods. European Union is responsible for everyday transactions of hundred million euros worth of exports and hundred million euros of imports. Also, it creates the biggest Export market for around 80 countries.

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