Language is very vital for communication and expressing our thoughts to others. We can easily write, read or speak in our native language. But when it comes to writing a foreign language it seems very complex. Even foreign language translation tasks seem very daunting. To triumph over this fear, first we have to recognize the nature of this fear, to analyse as to why we are afraid.

For a non-native speaker, there might be various reasons of fear while translating or writing in a foreign language. We might fear that our writing will not be understood by our readers, we might offend the native speakers of the language. Or we might write something that will be inappropriate and we appear to be irrational to others. With a foreign language comes a new set of vocabulary and grammar, our lack of knowledge in these creates difficulty for us. While writing or translating into foreign language, we get stuck as we have less vocabulary or less knowledge of the grammar of the target language. As a result, we fail to express our thoughts correctly in our writing. Again, the negative comments or judgements of others about our writing hold us back in writing.

There may be other reasons too but we can definitely overcome our fear of writing or translation through various simple practices. We can listen to the native speakers and try to grab the words used by them along with the context and use it in our writings. We can also translate better if we able to grasp the context of the document to be translated. We can simplify our thoughts which will help us to use simple words initially. We can start with short sentences instead of a long one. We can research on the topic of our writing for better result and keep out writing simple instead of using flamboyant styles. To increase our vocabulary we can always take the help of a good dictionary. We can add new words to our vocabulary which in turn will help with our writings and also translations.

Foreign language translation can be a precarious task as while translating one has to translate not only the words but the meaning and context too, keeping the originality intact. Translation into foreign languages demands a good knowledge of the target language as one wrong word can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Some topics or documents may be more complicated than others to translate because words or passages may have several meanings that make translations impossible. So, before submitting the final copy it has to go through several editing and proof readings processes. Here, one can take the help of Expert Language Translation services. Renowned and trusted organisations can help us in translating documents in various fields like legal, medical, technical or business oriented. With their certified and native translators we can definitely enhance our writings and translations. As they understand the language better, they make the translations an easy task keeping in mind the intricacies while writing or translating.

They also provide editing and proof reading services. Initially, taking their help in translations can help us learn the process better.

Moreover, we can also join a good foreign language learning institution for our enrichment. With the help of Translation services and a good language learning institution, we can boost our self confidence and self esteem in translation and also in writings of foreign language. If possible, speaking to the native speakers of the target language will assist us as we will be able to grasp which words to use in what context. If we have to excel in writing in a foreign language, we have start writing in it without any hesitation. We also have to let go of our fears and stop thinking about what others will think. Instead, we have to go on polishing our skill in writing and translating which will bring us our success.

The author is an expert content writer experienced in preparing diversified contents related to language, translation and transcription. So far she has produced many articles related to translation in foreign languages like Hungarian, Danish, and also have completed transcription of regional languages into English. The author is an employee of the well known and professional languages service provider: Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. With years of experience, trusted team of Somya Translators proves to be the first and best choice.

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