Know Tamil Language & Its Origin

The Tamil language is a member of the Dravidian language family and is spoken mainly in India. It is the official Indian language of the state of Tamil Nadu, and the union territory of Pondicherry. And is officially spoken in, Sri Lanka and Singapore and has considerable numerals of speakers in Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa. In 2004, It was declared a Classical Language in India. The Tamil Language has three different criteria: Its origins are obsolete; it has an independent tradition, and it possesses a considerable body of ancient literature. In the early 21st century more than 66 million people were Tamilian speakers.

Tamil Language Emergence in Singapore

The Tamil population is the 3rd most extensive nationality in Singapore. They were known to be the foremost human settlers in Singapore with the ancient Chola empire of Tamil Nadu. The name is either derived from Sanskrit or Tamil wherein both languages Singa means “Lion” and Pore means “City”; meaning “The city of The Lion”.

At present, Tamil has evolved into one of the four official Singaporean languages. Even the schools in Singapore instruct in the Tamil language from primary to junior academic levels. The daily newspapers, radio stations, TV Channels, etc. are also operated in the Tamil language.

English to Tamil Translation Services Insights

When it comes to the matter of Translation, it takes a lot more than that. Only operating in English can incarcerate businesses and companies from dealing with the Tamil-speaking population. Having known the value of Translation, your investments would be seen as worthier than ever.

If you want to circulate new information, ideas, and knowledge across the world specifically to those who speak the Tamil language, then contacting a professional Need of Voice Over Service is an absolute must. It is important to achieve good communication between diverse cultures and traditions.

Basic Tamil Phrases Used in Everyday Life

Tamil is a simple and sorted language, easy to adapt by everyone at a beginner level around the world.

English to Tamil Translated Words

● I: Naan
● He: Avan, Avar (with respect)
● She: Aval
● You: Nee, Neenga (with respect)
● They: Avunga

Some of the Common Phrases You would like to know

English To Tamil

● What is your name? – Unga peru Enna
● What happened? – Ennachu?
● Did you have your lunch? – Saapttengala?
● Come home: – Veettukku Vaanga
● Please sit: – Ukkarunga
● Thank You: – Nandri

Top-Notch Industries to Be Invested in the Tamil Language

Somya Translators’ Tamil experts are efficiently acquainted with practically every business sector, including these:

Automotive: Renowned automakers and other players in the transportation industry know the drill to be at top gear. Auto-related businesses rely on Somya Translators to communicate in Tamil. Be it translating technical documentation, writing, and editing sales and marketing literature, localizing Tamil software, etc. our native Tamil linguists deliver the goods you need.

Banking and Finance: Exactness is a prerequisite for every financial document, and top financial firms and banks know this very well. If you’re facing any Difficulty in Translating The Language then hiring a professional translator agency would be fruitful for any of your accounting needs with full accuracy in paperwork, accounting, flawless proofreading of documents, and more so.

Legal: Law depends on the intactness of content one small error and the entire meaning gets changed. Professional Tamil Translators understand “Legalise” as it applies to diverse domains and legal specialties, including Copyright, trademark, patent applications, agreements, etc. to build trust in Tamil Language Services.

Gaming: At present, gaming is not only confined to being played among kids; rather its emergence is evolved internally in terms of business, investments, translation, associations between different cultures, countries, and whatnot. Of course, English to Tamil Translation is required in tapping the country’s youth market, with diverse knowledge of video games, the latest VR / AR gadgets, sporting events, and the latest digital devices.

Healthcare: Accuracy in language can save lives, so the choice of words must be taken seriously. Expert language translators require specialized knowledge of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare generally, following sameness and perfection.

Why do You Need English to Tamil Translation Done by Us?

Somya Translators offers a complete set of solutions to meet the needs of its worldwide clientele. We are the righteous choice for your business expansion regardless of any industry you want to grow in. Thanks to our expert team who delivers the projects on time with full accuracy and precision worldwide. For additional information reach us at +91-9990094796 and get a free quotation.

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