An introduction to Globalization and Information Age: Globalization is the mechanism to integrate our society with economies across the globe. It is the process of exchanges and flow between diversified branches like economy, technology, communication which involves language and linguistics amongst people all over the world. It can also be termed simply as the assimilation of people and countries into a closer group.

Information Age is the time in human era when the drift has been generated in industrial sector from legacy methods of industrialization to an industry whose core is based on information and computers. Usage of technologies involving computers, artificial intelligence, mobile and computing and various tools to implement globalisation can be seen everywhere in the society.

Globalization in Education: Education plays a significant role in creation and shaping up of a culture and society. Globalization hence has a crucial impact on education as well. This is due to the increased needs of cross-country flow of people, business and hence their culture and language. Education and language now-a-days are not only restricted to the geographical barriers of any country, it is flowing far and wide through people all across the world. Examples can be taken in the forms of subjects and topics being taught in various schools and universities which include not only national topics but international topics related to foreign history, culture, language and people.

Also there are a large number of organizations providing Localization services help the language to transmit from one geographical barrier to another. Localizing brand messages which speaks the language of the heart of the target audience has been the key tool for marketing strategy now a days. Globalization has given birth to the urge of transmitting education and languages in all parts of the world to the people speaking various languages. This has proportionately created the need to translate, localize businesses, products, contents, books and a host of other objects. Translation and localization institutes here play a crucial role in this globalization exercise. The dedicated team of translators helps in various translation services mainly English to Chinese Translation, Arabic Translation, translation in various European languages like Danish, Hungarian, French and many more. This globalization has lead to the advent of a new era of language, learning system, writing systems, and education.

Writing systems across the globe, in language, communication: A writing system or orthography is the mode of optical presentation of verbal communication. Both speech and written communication are used to communicate whereas the written mode supersede over speech as reliable one due to its advantage of storage in the form of information and transfer. Some of significant writing systems are Western, Chinese and Arabic Writing Systems which are being used by people across for communication around the globe.

Western Writing: The western form of writing involves the usage of alphabets and numerals.

Chinese Writing: Written Chinese uses Chinese characters which mainly are logo syllabic. It may be composed of parts that may indicate objects, or abstract notions.

Arabic Writing: The Arabic style of writing is used in countries of mostly African and Asian continent. It is written from right to left in a cursive manner. The letters write out consonants, and a few vowels.

Role of Translation and localization organisations in globalization: Non-English content on the web is rapidly increasing and it is the primary factor for success to companies practicing e-Commerce business based on web to connect to the audience and customers of various cultural diversities across the world. This has emphasized the need of adequate and skilled language translators who can convert any language, content on any domain like technology, legal, medical, manufacturing, e-commerce and transmit them to people of any language, culture. This in turn will help the society to grow both economically as well as maintain equilibrium across all the sectors of community.


Globalization and Renaissance of information or computing go hand in hand in eliminating the barriers of geographical boundaries and borders. It has made the world a closed circuit where each and every individual can connect and communicate to each other, no matter what the language is. Computers, software, translation tools make life easier by removing the remaining hurdles. This has changed the society for good and brought in a new dawn of a new era.

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