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English to Manipuri Translation and Manipuri to English language Translation

Manipuri or Meiteilon is the language of Manipur, north-eastern state of India. It was perceived as one of the official languages of India in 1992. There are more than three million Manipuri speakers in eastern states of India, like Tripura, Assam and other countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. Manipuri dialect is over 3,500 years of age and has a place with the Tibeto-Burmese stream of the Mongoloid group of dialects. Manipuri is composed in the Meitei Mayek script, usually alluded to as Mayek.

SomyaTrans provides accurate and on time Manipuri Translation services into or from any other language combination. The most common translation is from English to Manipuri and translations from Manipuri to English.

At SomyaTrans Manipuri experts have the ability to provide translation for virtually any project, ranging from small mails to large manuals technical translation into Manipuri or Manipuri to others. According to the project type we are sure we will deliver you with the best quality Manipuri translations in the industry.

Manipuri Translators and Localizer Quality

To deliver accurate translation of your required projects we use qualified Manipuri Linguists who are native speaker and only translate into their mother tongue. Our experienced project managers will match your project with a translator team most appropriate for the domain expertise needed. All our Manipuri translators have undergone a quality control and testing process to ensure their competence and they are audited at random.

Somya Translators translates into and from Manipuri with all global major language combinations. It may be a letter in the Manipuri language that requires translation into English or a Portuguese brochure translation into Manipuri.

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