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Your need for a reliable Kyrgyz Translation agency, will come to an end at Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. We deliver high quality and professional Kyrgyz Translation Services. With our expert native translators, we provide Kyrgyz Translation Service not only in literary fields, but also in fields like technical, medical, financial, legal and marketing and so on.

About the Language:

“Kirghiz” which is also spelled as “Kyrgyz” is a Turkic language which is basically the official language of Kyrgyzstan and is spoken by officially about 2.45 million people across the globe. This language was being used in parallel with Russian language during the old soviet period as well.

In 1990, after Kyrgyzstan got independence from the Soviet Union, Kyrgyz was officially being used across the country and also in secondary schools as a standard language. Kyrgyz mainly has 2 dialects, Northern and Southern, followed by people in specific regions.

Why Choose Us?

At Somyatrans, we provide quality translation of Kyrgyz to English and vice versa, as we have professional experts and native Kyrgyz translators, who translates the document the perfect way you want it to be. Our quick processing time along with 100% accuracy and flexibility has made us the translation partner of choice for many MNCs. We support file types like PDF, .Doc, Word, Excel, HTML, etc.

We provide top translators to assist you in your translation with 24/7 customer support. We assure you that your translation will be clear and high quality which will also convey the true meaning culturally. Our service is cost-effective, professional because of our expert team of translators and interpreters.

We offer our service 24/7 across with quick turnaround. We would be happy to meet your request and solve your problem in Kyrgyz language.

In your problem with Kyrgyz translation, let us assist you.