Kashmiri Translation Services

Kashmiri is a unique language in the context of Indian linguistic. The earliest available Kashmiri scripts are written in the Sharada script, Sharada is an indigenous writing system that evolved from the original Brahmi in the same chronological order and around the same time as the Devnagari, Gurumukhi and other North Indian states scripts did. According to Census 2011 of India, there are 5 million people speaks Kashmiri language throughout India.

Kashmiri Language has lots of word which is derived from Urdu and Persian language. According to Nilamat Puran Kashmir was occupied by the (Satisara) Lake and the word Kashmir is derived from Traditional Sanskrit (Kashyapa and Mira) which means the mountain of sage Kashyapa. Among the grammarians, the earliest reference to Kashmir is found in Panini’s (500 B.C.) “Ashtadhayi” and in Patanjali’s great commentary on it. There is the term “Kashmir” and its derivation “Kashmira” are stated as the name of the country and its inhabitants, respectively. There are approximately 5,527,698 speakers of kashmiri language throughout India

There are 52 alphabets in Kashmiri language. The language Kashmiri comprises of 34 consonants and 18 vowels making it phonetically a very comprehensive language. Kashmiri numerals are represented in the same form as Arabic but spoken like in Sanskrit.

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