Hungarian Translation Services

English to Hungarian translation services

After catering translation services in various domains for numerous languages, both foreign and Indian, we are venturing into a new field with our Hungarian Translation Services. We boast ourselves for presenting our valued customers with highest-quality of English to Hungarian translations and language services.

The localization and transcription market is flooded with various other institutions who does Hungarian to English translation services, but we as an organization stand out in the league by our mission, vision and values along with 100% committed to customer satisfaction as a certified translation company.

We also offer Hungarian document translation business solutions and services to a number of industry verticals and horizontals.

» Technology

The translation for technical documents like user manuals, software design documents, process flow documents, etc, requires rich experience of technical translation which we gain by our trusted Hungarian team and comprises of valued chemical, mechanical, electronics engineers with various other leaders from the industry. Accuracy and correctness is ensured. Some of other services we present are website management, localization, integration, machine translation.

» Marketing & Advertising

Globalization in the market has led to generate contents and campaigns in the form of marketing or advertising in various languages in various countries. So, we have involved in the task of Hungarian translation of projects like Hungarian marketing, Hungarian documentation, Hungarian brand consulting, logo designing and promoting of product with a specialized team of dedicated Hungarian translators.

» Manufacturing

Spreading of the market globally has led in global manufacturing of various products. For better distribution of the products, many companies manufacture products even in other countries. With an expert team of Hungarian linguists and our Hungarian translation services we provide guidance to these areas which involve space, transport, consumer goods, industrial equipment, chemicals, machinery, or other related fields.

» Retail

In the global marketplace, retailers need to create an atmosphere that leads the customers effortlessly with a comfort. Our Hungarian linguists are qualified and experienced and possess deep understanding of the retail industry and consumer behaviour. This ensures high accuracy, reliability and prompts translations to our multilingual customers to understand the products and services provided by the companies. We offer quality Hungarian Retail Translation services which are also cost effective.

» Life Sciences

Our certified Hungarian team is specialized in the fields of science or medical which makes it possible for us to provide various services in these enterprises like pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, biotech research equipment, healthcare management documents, etc. We provide certified professionals for Hungarian medical translations, medical devices documentation, Hungarian approval documents, and Hungarian clinical trial translation.

» Financial

To ensure precise financial document translation custom-made to meet the needs of banking and financial institutions, we have a dedicated team of financial translators, service managers, who have adept knowledge of the Hungarian financial services, transactions and market. Our wide spectrum of services includes website localization, interpretation of financial reports, banking statements, annual reports, support of Hungarian regulatory bodies and other allied functionalities like virtual room creation, due diligence support.

» Legal

Within our umbrella of linguists, we are also working in Hungarian legal translation vertical. Our array of legal translation services includes legal and litigation methodologies, Hungarian court reporting, and Legal document. Our dedicated team of legal translators skilled in legal terminologies provides services for patent applications, documents for acquisition and merger agreements, copyrights, contracts, leases, employment bonds, etc.

» Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism business and marketing operate globally with the help of media and internet to meet the requirements of customers across the globe. Our Hungarian conversion services ensure to make it approachable to every customer. Our certified translators with experience provide services which involve Hungarian translation of guidebooks, hotel information, contracts, press releases, brochures and other promotional materials.

» Digital Publishing

Today’s Digital era cites an immense demand of online publishing materials like e-books, online journals, articles, blogs which seeks the presence of translations of these objects into various multi-lingual varieties. We have adequate Hungarian translators who are qualified for conversion of Hungarian written contents into standardized digital contents in the form of e-books, journals, newsletters, web-based magazines, and podcasts. Using specialized techniques, we are able to translate Hungarian contents into the tailored digital solution which will definitely meet customer expectations.

We strive to offer high quality, inexpensive language translations from and to Hungarian prepared with personal attention for our customers with quick turnaround times. We value our both new and old customers and always try to satisfy their needs.

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