About the Language and State

Assam is the 14th most populated state in the country, with a 34.59 million population. 48.38% of Assam’s population speaks Assamese which makes it 12.72 of the nation. Other than Assam, Assamese is also used in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. The language is also included in the list of official languages in the country.

Assam is the world’s biggest tea supplier and is very famous for its tea plantation. Tea plantation attracts businesses and tourists not just from the country but from all over the world. Other than tea plantations, the state is also famous for educational institutes like Gauhati University, IIT Guwahati, and Assam Engineering College where thousands of students come to study every year. Assam is home to Asiatic water buffalo, eastern swamp deer, one-horned rhinos, migratory birds, and wild elephants. The state is also famous for the oldest Kamakhya Devi temple and temples located in the Nilanchal hills. Hajo is a spiritual place where people from three different religions, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus assemble for holy expedition.

Role of Assamese language translation

Communication is the first step towards a civilized society. Communication can be of various types. One thing required for meaningful communication is that 2 or more people participating in that communication should know the same medium to communicate. Communication is useful to exchange thoughts, messages, ideas, and cultural values between 2 or more people. When people don’t understand each other’s language, that creates a barrier to their communication.

Assamese is a regional language and is majorly used in the state and neighbouring states, which makes people from other states and countries unable or hard to communicate with them. In this scenario professional translation services are helpful in creating a bridge that enables the communication between two or more people.

Contribution of Assamese Translation Services

1- To flourish new businesses and expand the existing ones-

Assam is the biggest tea producer in the world. Also stands in 3rd number on the list of producers of natural gas and petroleum in the country and has an adequate reserve of limestone. Investment can also be done in the area of mineral-based industries, crude oil refining, tourism, power, and energy. The state has adopted countless investor-friendly to accelerate industrial development and attract investment.

Assam is famous for its bamboo and cane handicrafts. Local people make baskets, furniture, mats, etc. using bamboo and cane. There are very few people who know the native language and international languages. Translation service helps owners of these businesses to connect with people globally and promote their products internationally. With the help of globalization and the internet, it has become so easy to reach any person sitting anywhere in the world.

2- To promote tourism and cultural exchange-

Assam is a state rich in archaeological sites, wildlife, and tea plantations, which attract a lot of tourists to come and explore the sites. When people from different cultural backgrounds meet, they not only communicate and exchange their ideas but also get influenced by each other’s culture. Accurate assamese translation services helps people to communicate with each other and exchange ideology and cultural values.

3- To improve healthcare and education facilities-

86% of the total population of the state lives in rural areas and only 14% are living in cities. Most of the villages don’t have advanced facilities for education and healthcare. People living there move or visit big cities for medical treatments and students have to move for their further studies. While visiting or living in another city in a state, country or the world people require translation services to communicate and exchange thoughts with people over there.

4- To expand the entertainment industry-

Gone was the time when people only had access to locally produced entertainment content. Now with easy access to the internet and various OTT platforms, it has become very easy for people to view movies, and series generated in any other language. Translation helps to translate the content into the desired language.

5- Benefits of Assamese translation-

Only 12.72% of India’s total population is familiar with the language, which makes the number very less globally. For the people who know the language, to connect with people non-speaker of the language, they’ll require translation services. People need to connect to non-speakers for various purposes. Translation services help them to help grow various industries like Healthcare, Tourism, Education, Businesses, etc.


With an increase in globalization and internet service, it has become very easy and convenient for people to connect with people across the globe. When we look into it, after connecting the main issue becomes communication as there is no common language that is known by all the people of the world. Translation services enable people to communicate with each other. Assamese translation will help the people of Assam to expand their reach for business, knowledge, and cultural exchange, better healthcare facilities, and many more. Global Businesses are Growing Using German translation, Spanish translation, Assamese translation, and other language translations as per the requirement. Translation services indirectly help economies to grow by letting people expand their business globally. Translation services not only help people to communicate but also to connect by letting them understand each other.

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