Website Testing Services

Somya Translators Pvt Ltd. offers website testing services  which includes the performance of your website across multiple browsers, servers  locations and gather information and screenshots of the user experience. We do Web Testing on the behalf of this our well designed checklist:- Functionality, Usability, Interface, Compatibility, Performance and Security.

  • Functionality Testing:- In this section we test all the links in websites, database connection, and forms used in website for submitting and getting information from users.

  • We check all the links going to another site (Outgoing Links)

  • Testing internal links manually

  • We test those links jumping to itself

  • We test those links which is used to send email to admin or other

  • At last we test broken links.

  • Validate your HTML/CSS

  • Database testing for data integrity and errors while you edit, delete, modify the forms.

  • From Testing:-

    During form testing we test validations on each field, default values of fields, to put up Wrong inputs to the fields.

  • Usability Testing: This steps includes Test for navigation, Content checking, User friendly Information


Test for Navigation:- In this section we test menu navigation that should be consistent on each page. Through this we can create a website easy to use.

Content checking: Here we test Spelling or typo errors, use of text and anchor text color. Content should be logical and easy to understand. Image should be appropriate and proper in size.

User friendly information for user help: We test for search option in website, help files and Sitemap and their link with proper tree view structure.

  • Interface Testing:-

    In this section we test interface between web server and application server.

Here we concentrate on these factors Error handling, User interruption in between transaction, internet connection if lost, or server is reset in between transaction.

  • Compatibility Testing:-

    Compatibility testing is the most important aspect of website testing. During Compatibility testing we assure this test to be executed:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Mobile browsing
  • Printing options

(5) Performance testing would include:-

  • Response times of Website application
  • How web application sustain under the peak loads
  • Reducing load times by enabling cache on client and server side
  • Security testing activity includes :-

Unauthorized access to secure pages
Accessing internal pages directly entering URLs in browser
Sessions expiry after allotted time testing
Restricted files are able to access for download
CAPTCHA working properly for logins to prevent automated login attempts

Apart from this our website testing service performed depending on your web testing requirements. This process of web testing makes us different from other Web site testing services Provider.