People who are unfamiliar to the foreign languages and thus they just assume that there is only one type of translation. In previous years, the translators are believed that they are fluent in various languages and that’s why the translators can provide any type of requirements. But in today’s global market, it is impossible for an individual to work on every type of translation requirements.

The commonly required translation services are: General, Legal, Financial, Marketing, Medical, and Technical Translations.

It is very important to understand the type of the translation while translating some document. Words can play a vital role to understand different translated documents.

Here are the some common translation services:

Technical translation: – Documents that do not have any highly specialized or technical content, like letters, articles etc., are belongs to the general translation domain. An expertise in highly technical areas is required for translating a Technical document. A technical topic may be related to the scientific, engineering etc., fields. Electronics and semiconductors are the common subjects of the Technical translation. Instruction manuals, product catalogues are most requested technical documents.

Marketing translations:- Marketing translations are mainly required for marketing purposes in the multinational companies. These translated documents are mainly used to develop a chain in the foreign countries. Documents related to export, import, manufacturing, retailers are the main topics in marketing translation. An expertise of this field should understand the implementation of the words while translating a document.

Legal translation:- A Legal document may carry documents like various companies’ privacy policies, legal notices, contracts etc. In legal translation, it is very important to understand the context of the document. Because they are very confidential and crucial documents. So make sure a professional Legal translator is used for the translation of these types of documents.

Medical translation:- As like Legal documents, in Medical document translations are also need to take extra care while translating. Because in Medical translation the use of proper medical terms of medicine, diseases, pharmaceutical terms etc., are very important subject.

Every translation services need to follow TEP method for ensuring the quality of the translated documents. TEP stands for Translation, Editing and Proofreading. These are the main steps which need to follow towards a good quality translation service.

These are some common translation types. These translation services need to use specialize or expertise people in that proper domain for the assurance of the translated document’s quality. For the purpose of a quality translation we should ensure that to hire one professional translator of that field. There are many top translation companies in India and foreign which provide all types of translation services across the world, we at Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. ensure you to provide you professionally translated error free document translation services within your time frame and budget.

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