Business Translation; It includes translation in different areas of business i.e.; management, finance, administration, human resources, marketing, advertisement and so many other areas related to business. It involves translation of complex technical manuals, market research questionnaires, survey, policy documents, brochures about the products, creative copy translation or legal document translation.

There are many translation agencies which mainly offer translation services to business houses and help their business grow. To obtain better quality translation it is necessary for the client to convey their needs in exact words and to give specific instructions to the agency handling the translation.

Along with translators, interpreters too play a crucial role in exchanging the information and they have a vital role to play in the international business and also in a country like India, which is a polyglot country.

An interpreter is a person who expresses the thoughts or speech in one language i.e. (source language) into another (target language). It is an oral form of translation, and can be done simultaneously, when the speaker is talking or immediately after he finishes his talks. There are number of important points to be noted in order to help the interpreters, so that they can do their jobs in a better way.

  • If possible try to arrange a professionally trained certified interpreter who can speak in local dialect of the community where the interpretation is required.
  • The interpreters should be provided in advance, with a written summary of your speech, presentation or any other content that is to be interpreted. If possible, it is better to meet your interpreters before the presentation to give them a better idea about the content or to explain any terminology or concepts.
  • Try to provide the interpreters with plain language glossaries of technical Terminology related to the subject matter of your presentation.
  • Prior to the presentation, it should be decided with your interpreters whether the interpretation format will be simultaneous (interpreter and presenter speak at the same time) or intermittent (Presenter and interpreter take turns speaking). Simultaneous interpretation is considered as more efficient option but requires specialized equipment (receivers and microphones). While the presentation is on the following points should be noted:
  • Clearly explain all technical terms and concepts should be clearly explained as the interpreters don’t have time to look up definitions.
  • Clearly explain all graphs, tables, and figures (e.g. explain what is represented by axes on graphs).
  • The language used, should be simple and straightforward with complete sentences.
  • The speaker should speak slowly, clearly, and directly in the microphone, and pause every couple of sentences to let the interpreter catch up.

While using a visual presentation e.g. (PowerPoint) makes sure that the interpreter is able to see the presentation slides clearly, also ensure that they have paper copies of your presentation for reference.

There are many translation agencies that also provide interpreters in various services and their information is available on internet and in business directories. Over the year’s translation and interpretation services are flourishing in country like India too. These companies provide quality services, and are helping many businesses to cross the national boundaries and stand in the international markets.

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