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Know Portuguese :- Portuguese Language & Translation

Portuguese is a very rich Romance and official language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe.  It is spoken by about 220 million people and it is co-official language status in Macau (China), Equatorial Guinea and East Timor.

Portuguese is a part of the Lbero-Romance group that developed from several languages of colloquial Latin. Portuguese is typically listed as the sixth most spoken language in the world.

A reformed Portuguese orthography, in which words were spelled all the more as per their pronunciation, was embraced is Portugal in 1916. A somewhat altered structure was received in Brazil in 1943 and reconsidered in 1970.

Portuguese has a Latin-based letter sets comprising of 26 alphabets, the same as English.

Portuguese alphabets

[ah] [beh] [seh] [deh] [ay] [ehf] [geh] [a-gah]
[ee] [jota] [éhl] [éhme] [éhne] [óhr] [peh] [qay]
[éh-rre] [éh-sse] [têh] [oo] [vay] [shish] [zay]

Portuguese Vowels

A [ah]     E [ayh]    I [ee]       O [ohr]   U [oo]

Difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese

European and Brazilian Portuguese are far separated—from spelling to the utilization of verb tenses and wording. In most of cases, the utilization of European Portuguese is unacceptable to Brazilians, and the other way around. The decision of words could be totally distinctive and sometimes "funny." This is uniquely genuine with regards to technical texts, where even the choices of "foreign" words are divers.

Most of the difference between them is the pronunciation of specific vowels. Between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, there are differences in vocabulary, articulation language structure and syntax, especially in popular varieties.

Corporate Portuguese Translation and Interpretation services:

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