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Emergence of Maithili Language

Maithili is an Indo-Aryan Language mostly spoken in Nepal and eastern part of India in state of Bihar.  Maithili accomplished an independent language status in India in the year 2003.  Mithilakshar (मिथिलाक्षर / মিথিলাক্ষর) or Tirhuta (तिरहुता / তিরহুতা) is the script used for the Maithili language. 

Maithili is the second language of Nepal in some state used by the 12% of the total population of Nepal. Close around 35 million peoples in the 26 regions/districts of North Eastern Bihar speak in Maithili. The name of the language is determined from the saying Mithila which is said to be the antiquated kingdom of Sita's father King Janaka.

It has 40th position among the most spoken dialects of the world, while it involves the sixteenth position in the rundown of the most spoken language in India.  Maithilakshar or Tirhuta is its own particular script, which inaugurated from Brahmi (a script of the third B.C., likewise found in the Ahokan Inscriptions). At present the Devanagari script has been embraced due to its broad utilization.

The general structure (phonetic order, mātrāreordering, use of virāma, etc.) of Tirhuta is similar to that of other Indic scripts based upon the Brahmi model. The script is written from left-to-right.

There are 14 vowel letters:

"Maithili Vowels"

Preeti Font c cf O O{ p pm C C  
Tirhuta c cf O OQ p pQ C    
Calibri c cf O OQ p pQ C C  
Preeti Font P P] cf] cf} c+ cM      
Tirhuta P PT ~ ~T c+ cM      
Calibri P PT ~ ~T c+ cM      

"Maithili Consonants"

There are 33 consonant letters:

Preeti Font s v u 3 ª   r 5 h ‰m `  
Tirhuta s v u 3 ª   r 5 h `  
Calibri s v u 3 ª   r 5 h `  
Preeti Font 6 7 8 9 0f   t y b w g  
Tirhuta 6 7 8 9 0   t y b w g  
Calibri 6 7 8 9 0   t y b w g  
Preeti Font k km a e d d| k{ a[ ;F 6\  
Tirhuta k m a e d d| k{ a[ ;F 6  
Calibri k m a e d d| k{ a[ ;F 6  
Preeti Font o / n j z if ; x If q 1  
Tirhuta o / n j z i ; x I q 1  
Calibri o / n j z i ; x I q 1  
Preeti Font s sf ls sL s' s" s] s} sf] sf} s+ sM
Tirhuta s sf ls sL s' s" ]s ]s} ]sf ]sf} s+ sM
Calibri s sf ls sL s' s" ]s ]s} ]sf ]sf} s+ sM

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