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Facts of Chinese Language

The Chinese language is a part of the Sino-Tibetan group of dialects. In spite of the fact that generally Chinese view the numerous mixed bags of talked Chinese as a solitary language; the varieties in talked language are comparable to those of Romance dialects. The Chinese language is the official language of the People’s Republic of China.  One major contrast between Chinese notions of dialect and Western ideas is that Chinese makes a sharp qualification between composed language and talked dialect.

The tonal language of Chinese is related to the Tibetan and Burmese, but genetically it is totally different from their neighboring language like Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese. Chinese (漢語) comprises of seven main dialects, Mandarin (官話), Hakka (客家話), Wu (吳語), Cantonese (廣州話, 廣府話), Min (閩語), Xiang (湘語), and Gan (贛語) (figure).

Now a day's Mandarin-Chinese is used in local TV and radio media. Next to Cantonese, it is one of the most common Chinese dialects spoken in the Northwest of China. The Chinese newspaper, "World Journal" is distributed in the States and is published for Mandarin speaking Chinese.

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Immigrants from China who speak Mandarin-chinese come from various backgrounds. Some have fled China for political freedom after incidents such as the Tiananmen Square10 events where students who spoke up for democracy were rapidly crushed by Chinese government. Others are well-educated professionals seeking business and educational opportunities in the United States. Still others have little education and have come to the States in search of better life for themselves and their families.

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